September 20, 2020

It can be a frustrating experience when your air conditioner suddenly stops working. To correct that situation or even prevent it from happening, you may need to seek professional assistance immediately. In this article, we look at some of the top signs that your system needs emergency services.

Warm Air From Your AC

Warm air is one of the common signs that the air conditioner might soon need significant repairs. However, many factors can cause your AC to discharge hot air when it should be cooling your home.

You may want to start by checking your thermostat settings. You could have a warm air discharge if the device runs continuously rather than on the “AUTO” option. Keeping it on the “ON” mode will only raise energy consumption and accelerate the wear and tear of components.

Warm air may be due to a fault with your air conditioner’s refrigerant levels. When air flows through the evaporator coil, the fluid absorbs the heat to keep your home’s interior cool. If the refrigerant is low, your system may fail to cool efficiently.

Another factor that can reduce the system’s capacity to cool is if the evaporator coil accumulates dirt and debris. A layer of insulation on the tubing limits the refrigerant’s ability to absorb heat. Brothers Plumbing Air Conditioning recommends scheduling maintenance twice a year in Peoria. Our technicians have the skill to troubleshoot and fix sensitive components in your equipment.

In addition, the area around the condenser unit has to be clear of obstructions that could restrict airflow. You should also observe maintenance tasks such as replacing or cleaning the filter. However, recurring airflow problems could be a sign of a technical issue, such as a faulty motor or bent fan blades. This situation requires emergency service.

Unusual Noises

Another sign that it is time to call one of our certified technicians is if you notice unusual noises from the equipment. A gentle humming is normal, but rattling, clanking, and hissing sounds are often indications of faulty components. These sounds can be loud enough to cause irritation and discomfort in your home.

Hissing noises can be a sign that air is leaking from the ducts. In such cases, your system may also run nonstop as it tries to regulate temperatures in your home. At Brothers Plumbing Air Conditioning, we recommend consulting our team in Peoria to address this issue as soon as possible.

If there is rattling, it could be that there is debris obstructing either the outdoor or indoor sections of your system. You can check the condenser to see if there are branches or plants around it. If the noise is from inaccessible parts of your equipment, it is advisable to organize emergency service.

Other noises like clanking may be the result of a loose connection around the motor or the fan. Continuous clicking can indicate that your equipment’s capacitor is failing. All those issues can pose a risk to your home in Peoria, and it is best to consult Brothers Plumbing Air Conditioning technicians for immediate repair.

Short Cycling

Your equipment may need emergency service if it keeps turning on and off randomly. This can not only cause a lot of discomfort in your home, but it may also raise your utility bills. Consequently, it’s wise to arrange for repairs as promptly as you can to avoid overworking and aging your system.

One possible cause of short cycling is an AC that was not the right size for the house initially. If it is too large, it may have to keep shutting down so as not to overwork. Incorrect sizing is a problem that often occurs due to an incompetent recommendation from installers who lack sufficient professionalism.

A certified technician has to do a lot of computations to ensure that the system will efficiently cool the space. The insulation and radiant energy hitting the building are only some of the factors our team has to evaluate.

Technicians from Brothers Plumbing Air Conditioning have experience working on both renovation projects and new constructions in Peoria. Even seemingly insignificant modifications to the ducts can cause air leaks or obstructions to airflow. Working closely with our certified professionals can prevent errors that might have grave implications for your AC down the line.

Short cycling could also be a result of the refrigerant freezing over. The ice may eventually force your system to shut down completely. You may turn off your AC to give the frost time to thaw. If the problem recurs, consult our technicians for prompt service.

Our technicians may want to evaluate if there is a problem with the electrical circuit. That means that your equipment is not responding to signals from the thermostat. Wiring faults may force the equipment to keep dropping the connection, which is why it keeps shutting down.

Moisture Around the AC

If you notice moisture from and around your system, you should consider planning for an inspection. You may detect an odor, which often means there is also biological contamination. Bands of green and black color on the walls can be another sign of microbial infestation.

Sometimes the moisture could be from a clogged drain line, which allows for water to build up. An obstruction along the drains is usually not a critical problem as long it is fixed on time.

If the source of the moisture is a refrigerant leak, it may have a long-term negative impact on your air conditioner. Unfortunately, the evaporator coil leaking is typical for many residential AC systems. Vibrations from loose parts of your equipment can cause stress, which sometimes punctures the tubes. This is a problem that requires emergency assistance.

Another problem with the evaporator coil is that the walls of the tubes are susceptible to corrosion. They are made of copper, which is an efficient conductor of heat. It is malleable, and therefore, easier to mold into thin tubes. That’s why Brothers Plumbing Air Conditioning technicians in Peoria need to clean components during routine maintenance. Debris covering the evaporator coil may speed up the process of corrosion. Leaks will limit the capacity of the system, which can lead to a total breakdown.

Rising Monthly Bills

It is not wise to ignore rising utility bills since these could be another sign of a malfunctioning AC. The lifespan of your AC is between 15 and 20 years, but that depends on how well you maintain it. This is only a rule of thumb to estimate how long you can expect your system to serve you. Your AC will often demand multiple repairs toward the last two years of its life. Our certified technicians can provide a more accurate assessment of the status of your air conditioner.

Aging systems have to work harder to keep your interior cool and comfy. Your system may require a replacement if it is outdated or close to the end of its useful life. It is more cost-effective to replace your AC instead of risking expensive repairs or a total system breakdown. A professional evaluation of the system by Brothers Plumbing Air Conditioning will give you options for a viable AC system in Peoria.

You can depend on Brothers Plumbing Air Conditioning to deliver top-notch AC emergency services anywhere in Peoria. We can also clean and repair your ducts, plumbing services, and we have experience handling renovation and new construction projects. For more information on our quality repair, maintenance, and installation solutions for both cooling and heating equipment, please call us today.

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