September 20, 2019

A sewer line clean-out port is a crucial part of the plumbing system for your home. The sewers blocks themselves are made to provide unwanted sewage a way to escape. They are designed to help water and waste filter away from your general living area.

Due to this filtration, the access port may collect enough waste to create a blockage, which could prove troublesome to you as a homeowner. It’s always a good idea to know figure out where your sewer cleanout access port is in case a clogging occurs. If you’re not familiar with the plot plan of your home, you may find these ports hard to find.

When trying to locate your sewer clean-out access port, remember, the sewage line on the plot plans will lead you right to it. If you do not have access to your plot plans, make sure to check the obvious places where you believe an access port could be located.

Keep an eye out for a four-inch in diameter pipe opening with a screw top that has an indentation on the top. Most likely, it will be coming out in between your fountain and your street. It may also be on the side of your house near your bathroom. When you’ve overturned every stone and still can’t seem to find it, call us here at Brothers Plumbing Air Conditioning. We have technicians skilled enough to not just find the access port but remove any blockages as well.

What is a sewer inspection camera and how do they work?

A sewer inspection camera is a tool created with the purpose of finding problem areas within your pipes without having to dig them up completely. This piece of equipment simplifies the diagnostic process and gives licensed technicians the precision needed to provide you with all the repairs necessary.

To use this equipment, an experienced licensed technician will attach a camera to the end of the flex rod and run it through the pipe until they see a blockage. While this camera is traveling through the pipe, it keeps track of where it is by depth and length. This allows the technician to know exactly where any problems or potential disturbances are located.

What a Sewer inspection camera for repair Plumbers detect:
  • Root back ups
  • Misaligned pipes
  • Broken, corroded, or off graded pipes
  • Grease buildup
  • Obstructions
  • Leaks
  • Any spots in need of replacement, repair, or cleaning

If you are experiencing drain clogs, drain backups, or a slow drainage process, give us a call! We can use a sewer line inspection camera and have the problem fixed in no time.

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