January 4, 2020

You rely on the heater for hot water to shower, wash your hands, and perform household tasks. If the heater starts leaking water, you might feel alarmed. A diagnostic and repair service performed by Brothers Plumbing Air Conditioning plumbers can help you figure out why the heater is leaking water.


Water leaking from a heater is not always an emergency. If the heater is located in a place with high humidity levels, such as a bathroom or basement, it could develop condensation. The condensation may drip, creating a puddle. Condensation may also develop during extended periods of rainy weather. If the water softener or air conditioner is located by the heater, that could be the source of some of the condensation, too.

Loose Connections

It is possible for an inlet or outlet on the heater to become loose, causing some water to drip out of the loose-fitting. You may want to turn off the electricity to the heater and check the connections in order to make sure that they are tight. If you are uncomfortable with doing this, a Brothers Plumbing Air Conditioning professional can do this for you during a maintenance or repair visit.

A common location for a leak is the drain valve. This problem can also be fixed quickly during a repair visit from one of our plumbers.

Rusted Storage Tank

The minerals found in Peoria’s hard water may cause corrosion or rust to develop in the water storage tank. After many years of use, rust or corrosion can develop even if the water is not hard from a high mineral content. If the water storage tank is wrapped in an insulation blanket, it can be hard to tell from where a water leak originates. Brothers Plumbing Air Conditioning plumbers can identify if the water storage tank has rusted. The only fix for a rusted water storage tank is to get a new heater.

Our plumbers are prepared to provide you with information about why your heater is leaking water. Call Brothers Plumbing Air Conditioning today for more information on the reasons why heaters leak or to schedule an appointment for service. In addition to plumbing services, we can help with your heating and cooling units, too.

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